Real Me

    I was either missing or kidnapped from the maternity ward of a hospital right after birth, of course, that’s one theory. The other speculation is that I’d died as an infant due to medical error while my mother and I were still under the care of the hospital.     Real Me

Rattle Snake Lake.pdf


     As I do every night, I took just a sip of water before I talked myself in the bed. If I drink more, I wake up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom and face another tormenting insomnia afterward. I’ve learned by experience that water at night epitomizes shattered dreams and painful awakening. That night just before closing my eyes, once again I glanced at the image of myself victoriously parading my prized catch dangling from the fishing line wrapped around my wrist. Fortunately that delightful moment was captured and framed hanging on the wall above my bed for years.  Hook