Death of Light

Death of Light

A spectacular and historic event

Was to happen in sky

Once in a life time display

That’d affect our lives in every way.


Human race is far more advanced

To be concerned with such change

Astrophysicists and scientists say.


Masses was anxiously waiting

For sky to turn into stage

A free show, memorable event

Felt so lucky to witness the parade.


Long wait ended and the night arrived

Millions of people rushed to see the light

To witness the exhibit of their life time.


Viewers were promised a clear sky

When the night fell alas

Sky tarnished with thick clouds

Chatter echoed, murmur aloud

 Fortunately, the haze didn’t ruin their sight

A calm breeze caressed the scene

Swept the massive clouds

Before the dazzled eyes  

The infinite darkness was the backdrop

Cheerful spectators came to their feet

Enthusiastic applaud heard in delight

When the shiny crescent finally appeared

In the heavens before their eyes.


The sole performer of the night

Innocently coiled her dazzling trunk

Like a timid young virgin given

To intoxicated beast on her wedding night

The fragile virgin looked pale, aloof on spotlight

The light was shimmering through her sad eyes

The rowdy audience cheered the performer

When the main attraction begun

The shimmering crescent silently

Under the gaze of the all

Performed her final act

When she softly wept in solitude

Glitters of tears fell from sky

Shattered crystals of light

Rained over the enchanted sky

A wisp of her tantalizing hair,

Sparkling silver bulbs

Trickled down onto earth

Reciting her own elegy

With every twinkle of glow

Her fragile torso shrunk thinner

Before she fell apart

Her radiant particles, glowing pieces

Vanished in universe one and for all.


When her elegant beauty

Withered into a murky void

And world plunged deeper into abyss

The audience gave a standing ovation

For her grand finale in sky


Masses of earth morphed into shadows

Dark, dark stains stretched so long

The murmuring phantoms

Wickedly wiggled through mazes

To lurk in their ominous homes

With a fading reminiscence of

The beauty and the light.