Colors of Dream


Colors of Dream                                                                                                                                      

             In a day unlike others, two toddlers sat alone and out of their parents’ sight. They exchanged no words, they just didn’t know how. Yet, with their impulses, expressions and gestures, they expressed their utter eagerness to explore the world in which they’d recently arrived. 

             In the midst of their childhood moment and to their complete surprise, a colorful ball suddenly fell between them. The vivacious colors of their new toy painted wide smiles on their faces. Violet splashed on black, yellow curved into white and purple tickled green. Orange bumped into gray, scarlet giggled with red to make cobalt feel so blue.

             The appearance of this round leaping object thrilled the two young souls. The ball bounced a few times before their dazzled eyes and came to stop in one’s lap. One child pushed it to the other and the next smacked it back to the first. They threw it over their heads, tapped on it like a drum and kicked it with delight. The ball rolled back and forth, leaped up and down and excited the two every time. They chuckled at its antics, clapped their hands and stomped their feet.

             Suddenly the world trembled, the earth shook unlike any earthquake known before. The frantic jolt inundated every human being on the planet. The tremor caused a bizarre concussion to all humans. It launched everyone into a hazy state of reverie.

             In a matter of minutes, the entire population of earth was swept off their feet and thrown into the air. The tremor shocked the foundation of life. A universal revolution was in the making. No one understood the upheaval and no one seemed to care.

             People were floating in the sky like the filaments of a blown dandelion. They soared in a magical realm, a territory beyond imagination.  The bizarre incident plundered their possessions, ideas and beliefs, a mirage overwhelmed every single being. The dreamers invaded heavens, indifferent to their destiny. In a planet in bedlam and spun out of control, the banal reality exploded into new dimensions. Life morphed into a vision, the dull pigments of ordinary blended into sublime colors of fantasy. Every line was crossed, all boundaries trespassed, and every norm violated to pave the way of reshaping the future never thought before.

             As the planet went through such anarchy, the grand conspirators behind this chaos were heard from afar, clapping their hands and pounding their feet in jubilee. Their innocent laughter reverberated across the universe and resonated with every dreamer alike.