Rattle Snake Lake.pdf

Guns and consciousness

In memory of victims of elementary school massacre

A nation fallen in love with its guns

Obsessed with a right, “Of the people to bear arms”

When was the last time people deterred the tyranny

Formed a Militia with guns in their hands?

Amendment, relevant two centuries ago

Guns are legal for hunting, some argue,

How many bullets from automatic gun

Required for a prancing deer to fall and die?

Obsession with guns has nothing to do

With security, liberty or constitution

Violence is what’s engraved in collective mind

Mobsters glorified, villains praised in Hollywood movies and video games

The pop culture is to blame,  

Gun makers, profiteers, politicians with strings attached

Free media never dares to ask

Why morality of a nation is on the verge of collapse.


Dystopia is in the making, stage is set

For a young man, an anti-hero, a demented villain with automatic gun

To snaps into action, to take charge.

Minutes later, carnage everywhere, tragedy in sight.

Blood of children stains the conscience when fallen angels wallow in vain.