Nuisance Hope

Nuisance Hope

In the winter of my garden

The green is dormant,

Yard’s inundated with weeds

Only a few blown dandelions in sight

Four silent raindrops in a row

On a slender crabgrass

Morphed into the crystals of ice

Before my bewildered eyes

I cry and my tear falls

Right between the frozen bulbs.

My fallen tear shivering in the breeze

A heavy burden on the frail slender grass

I moan in sorrow and my hazy sigh

Turns into a morning dew

One more frozen marble added

To the nuisance weed makes is break

We all fall, shatter on the solid ground

My only hope is if the warm spring arrives early

The sigh blended in tear

Germinates the nuisance weed

Once again in coming year.