I reached the sky on a whim

An impulse perhaps

To share the joy

When clouds rendered the canvas

White on deepest blue

I gazed into heaven

I opened my arms, threw my hands in the air

And splashed a magical liquid onto sky

As the saints do to bless the sinners

Suddenly, sky became ill

Blue turned into gray

White grew darker

The vicious brush of wind

Painted a gloomy image before my eyes

The lightning occurred among innocent clouds

Air heated hotter than the sun

The ravaging thunder followed to ignite it all

The huge clouds exploded

Into burning mushrooms

Blazing clouds collided

Symphony of rage and flame

A harmonic devastation

The heaven was on fire

Then the rain came

My desperate hope to quench the thirst

Of hatred and despair, to calm the air

Yet, from the blazing clouds

Huge columns of fire welded heaven to earth

Calamity spread

It was me who started it all

A cardinal sin I have committed

In the rare moment of joy

When I shared my delight

I’m burning with desire to tell my side


Who can ever believe my story?

With whom can I ever share my pain?

Who can ever be impartial at my trial?


What punishment can ever fit my crime?