Fallen for a good cause

Perished in prison, exiled in solitude

Heroes are bones in our conscious graves,

Free relics, they don’t cost any

Wise to have a few, to use as we please.

Like sardines, cream cheese and ketchup in the pantry

Next to the bandage, cough syrup, aspirin for quick relief.

They don’t take space

Shuffled in a pile of vintage photos,

Lost in the lines of our unread books.

At the age of injustice,

The pivotal moment when

We’re bound to alter our fate,

Sluggish we are, to make a move.

Yet, our devious minds always guide us through

Callously we play ignorant, act like we’re dumb

Sit silent in comfort of our zone,

Relegate the burden to heroes, our gullible fools.

We applaud the valor of our courageous dolls,

Years later of course, after they die.

When it’s safe and convenient,

We commemorate their sacrifice,

In a chic gesture after a sip on wine.

It’s a shame, the deceptive game we play,

An infamy, to embrace such farce,

Molesting our heroes, just to get by in life.