End of Semester

End of Semester

I wander in a haze, lost in a bizarre trance

Found myself on a college campus and see

Students chatting, others in rush to class

All holding books in their hands

Everyone has a purpose, a reason to hang around

Why am I here? I cannot understand

The eerie setting gives me the creeps,

Anxiety beyond belief

Suddenly I realize, I too am a student

Today is the end of semester

Time for final exam, yet

The textbook, I don’ have

What subject, no clue

I’ve never been to class

I ask others to show me the way

To where I should take the final exam

Roam trough buildings to reach my class

Look through the window inside the room

Students are seated, test in progress

Too late I must be! For what? I never grasp

My heart is pounding thinking what to do

Nervously I nudge the door

To wake up wondering why

Such a peculiar dream, I continuously have?