Anthem of Lambs

Anthem of Lambs

Baa, baa, baa, baa

We sheep are meek gentle creatures

Never harm anyone

Peace, harmony and green pasture

Is all we want, that’s our nature.

Serenity of our core makes lam

Appetizing and delicious

This fact is known by all who have savored us before.

When our life is in danger

We don’t put up a fight, kick or bite, growl or roar

These characteristics make our flesh is so tender

When they take us to slaughter

We calm and obedient

Under the gaze of the flock

Follow our executioner with a knife in his hand

We hate violence

Our enemies admire this trait

When a vicious wolf attacks our herd

And tears apart our child in plain sight

From the crushed body of our love one between his fangs

Blood is dripping down

We show no reaction, we reject violence

Wolves know this truth and highly respect our values

And if one of us put up a fight

Attack the enemy who’s come to shed his blood,

We watch him in shock, contempt in our eyes

Wondering he must not be one of us

Then we recite in unison

Baa, baa, baa, baa